10 people that almost did not succeed

When you watch the endless parade of glamorous celebrities walking down the red carpet, it’s easy to assume they’ve all had fame and fortune handed to them on a plate – blessed with the right genes.

Its quite tempting to assume they all made it big over night or are from the kind of wealthy academic backgrounds from Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, or had rich parental background.

But while it’s certainly true that a great deal of the world’s most celebrated talents have had a helpful start in life, it is by no means a prerequisite for success.

For many, there was no meal ticket. In fact, for many it was the hardship and challenges of their humble beginnings that turned out to be the very driving force behind the realization of their dreams.

And these are the successful people that provide us with the greatest inspiration – those who have achieved success despite their circumstances not because of them, those people who, through determination and tenacity, have overcome adversity to reach their goals against all odds.

So next time you feel like giving up on your dreams because great things never happen to people like you, take a look at these stories of successful people who hit rock bottom before soaring to the top of their game.

J K Rowling 
Rowling was penniless, severely depressed after going through a divorce and attempting to raise a child single-handedly while working and writing.
She wrote Harry Potter and her life changed.
Tony Tetuila
Born into an impoverished polygamous family with an enormous lump on his chest, bad health condition and having to cope as a crippled child, Anthony Olarewaju Awotoye, popularly known as Tony Tetuila, is a proof that a man’s beginning does not determine his future.
He is widely regarded as one Nigeria’s living Hip – Hop legends and in his is words, owes his success and life to God and is mother’s love, bravery, selflessness and prayers.
The Beatles
Whether you love them or hate them, the mark The Beatles have made on the history of pop music is indisputable. But not everybody saw their potential. When the fab four were just starting out, the first record company they approached rejected them on the grounds that “we don’t like their sound and guitar music is on its way out”.
Jeanette Winterson
Jeanette Winterson
Top literary author, Jeanette Winterson was not exactly encouraged with her writing abilities. Growing up in a home bereft of love and literature, the adopted daughter of a God-fearing Pentecostal tyrant (who believed sex was evil and all books, apart from the Bible, were sinful), Jeanette could have allowed her dreams to dissipate.

Instead, she left home and moved into her clapped-out car, where she slept by night, devoting her days to the library. This led to her attaining a place at Oxford to read English Literature – and the rest is history.

Cobhams Asuquo
He is a Nigerian musician, producer and songwriter who has branched into music from his professional training as a lawyer.
Although blind, the talented music producer has been able to win awards in his career he is known for producing some of Nigerians finest artiste like internationally acclaimed Asa.
He has won multiple local and international awards for his creative work.
Despite blind he has refused to stay at the level of pity but rather saw his disability as ability and today he is inspirational to so many.
Jim Carrey
The slightly bonkers comedy actor might appear to have a permanent grin on his face but his life hasn’t always been a bundle of laughs.

After his father lost his job when Carrey was 14, money became so tight they ended up living in a VW van on a relative’s lawn. This served only to spur Carrey on in his quest for fame.

At 16, he left school to focus on his comedy career. He spoke out on Oprah about how he used visualization techniques to help him achieve his eventual success.

Yinka Ayefele
17 years after a major accident that affected his two legs, gospel artist Yinka Ayefele continues to thank God for saving his life, he was involved in a major accident in 1997 and since then the gospel musician has been on wheel chair.
Despite this, he has continued to thrive in the genre of gospel music and has made fortune from shows and his album sales.
If he can sure you can.
Charles Darwin
Who’d have guessed the British scientist who laid the foundations of the theory of evolution and changed the way we view the natural world, started out as a school drop-out?
An average student, the scientist showed no interest in academia – perhaps not helped by the fact he was dyslexic.
After dropping out of medical school Darwin’s father once said: “You care for nothing but shooting dogs and catching rats and and you will be nothing but a disgrace to yourself and all of your family.”

Winston Churchill
After leading Britain and its allies to victory in the second world war, Winston Churchill went on to become Prime Minister at the grand old age of 62 but his early years were not always so victorious.

The politician, who was given a state funeral in 1965, failed the entrance exam for the Royal Military College (twice). He then hit a rocky patch in his political career (known as his ‘wilderness years’) between 1929 and 1939, during which time he was estranged from his political party over ideological disagreements.

He famously said: “Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.”

Michael Caine
He may be one of the world’s most highly regarded actors but Michael Caine’s career has had twists and turns to rival any of his best-loved characters.

The ‘Alfie’ star began as a stage hand, which led to a few walk-on parts but things soon took a dark turn when he walked out on his marriage and fatherhood at 22.

“I walked out of the marriage and Pat took Dominique back to her parents in Sheffield. They were marvelous and brought her up. The marriage breakdown was entirely my fault. I was too young and immature to take on the poverty and personal and professional failure.

“I collapsed like a house of cards. I was out of work, had no money and was forced, at the age of 23, to return to the council prefab where I’d lived with my mum and dad and rely on their generosity again.”

I hope this stories wake you up from slumber and help you see the light and know that you can be all you want to be, failures and setbacks not with standing.
See you at the top.
My name is Femi Adetayo your Mind Transformation Coach and who told you its too late?
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