12 ways to overcome anger

When do you experience anger? You become angry when you are frustrated, unhappy, or when your feelings are hurt. You also experience it when plans don’t turn out as desired, or when coming against opposition or criticism.

Anger never helps anyone. It wastes your energy, and hurts your health, spoils your relationships, and causes you to miss opportunities. Getting angry is acting against your best interests.

Things don’t always proceed according to plans and expectations. People do not always act the way you wish them to act.

You may not be always be in control of external influences and conditions, but you can certainly learn to control your attitude and reactions.

I often see people getting angry over unimportant and insignificant matters. Some insignificant remark or action, not getting a satisfactory reply to a question, or just moodiness, are enough to set fire and cause anger, snappy remarks, arguments, and even physical fight. This is absolutely unnecessary. Life can be happier without this behavior.

Anger in itself is not bad, its just an emotional expression of displease.

What you do when angry is the difference between positive and negative expression of anger.

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How to overcome anger

1.Devote a few minutes, at least once a day, to thinking on how much your life would be better without anger

2.When you feel anger arising in you, start breathing deeply and slowly several times.

3.You may, instead of breathing deeply, or better still, in addition to it, count slowly from one to ten. This will delay your angry reaction and weaken it.

4.Drinking some water has a calming effect on the body.

5.Try to be more patient, no matter how difficult it might be.

6.Be more tolerant toward people, even toward people you don’t like.

7.Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. You can disagree with people, but still maintain tact and diplomacy.

8.Choose to react calmly and peacefully in every situation. Try again and again, regardless of how many times you lose control and get angry.

9.Positive thinking makes it easier to disregard remarks and behavior that otherwise could cause anger.

10.Try to manifest at least some self-control, self discipline and more common sense.

11.Don’t take everything too seriously. It is not worth it.

12.Find reasons to laugh more often.

My name is Femi Adetayo your Mind Transformation Coach.

Who told you its too late?

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