How you can eat the fruit of your labor



One major reason that has made plenty of people struggle to build houses, and ensure the training of their kids in the best schools, at the expense of their fulfilling purpose, is the mindset I term “Jeun-omo Mentality” (Yoruba language for, “I will eat the fruit of my effort”).

So many people “invest” in their children, with the hope that they will be taken care of at old age. It is a good thing to “Jeunomo”, but I think it should be better if your children give you money as a source of contact to get blessed from you, not because you are hungry.

Most of our parents have erroneously interpreted it to mean their children will, and must, take care of them at old age. For me, I do not expect my kids to take care of me financially when I am old.

I do not want to be a financial burden to them at old age. They should be in a hurry to pick my call, because they know they stand to gain from me. Not, when they see any indication of my calls, they will say, “I know daddy needs money again” (some of you know what I mean).

I do not need their money; rather they should need blessings from me. I want to be able to go visit them, and leave when I feel like. Not wait until they have transport fare for me to return.

I do not want to slave for any child when I am old. I want to have time to travel anywhere I want. If there is a golf tournament in Paris, I look forward to paying my way there. If the soccer world cup is on, I should be able to go there at my own cost. I look forward to waking up and being in Jerusalem for a pilgrimage at any time. i don”t want to visit my son and cant leave when i feel like leaving except when he gives me money for transportation and permits me to leave. I want to be able to still be giving my children advice when I am old, not being at their mercy.

Once you are at their mercy, at that stage you can hardly advise them again because, “He that the pays the piper dictates the tune”.

If you have to “JeunOmo”, it should be linked to your children growing up and becoming successful in whatever area you guide them to, as their parent. Not being based on what you will get from them. If it has to be linked to what you want from them, then it is greed and selfishness.

Live a life of purpose and be a man of action, then your old age will be secured. You will not have to beg or ask anyone (not even your children) for money to feed. With this, your gate should remain open day and night, to receive the wealth of many nations, age notwithstanding.

My name is Femi Adetayo your Mind Transformation Coach.

Who told you its too late?


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