Recession is a state of mind.


There is nothing like recession. It’s only a state of mind. If only we can see that the number of new cars and people building house has increased, you will understand what I mean. Do you know that the world is producing more millionaires than ever.

Have you noticed that plantain, corn, Yam etc are still yielding harvest despite the plenty brouhaha over the word recession.

The plants don’t recognize it, humans are the only one seeing recession because we focus on what we see and what we hear, we live our life base on past knowledge and experiences and that’s why we can easily hear the word recession and gets afraid, forgetng that what we fear will always come upon us.

In heaven, God does not know what recession means, he is a God of abundance and unlimited supply. Stop holding on to what God has not established. He said we should live a life of plenty and surplus. He said i wish above all things that thy may prosper and be in good health even as thy soul prospers.

What that means is that our soul which is our minds determines the state of our health and the level of wealth in our bank account.

Anything contrary to the word of God now is a lie, and I refuse to hold on to it.

We need to guide our heart with all diligence for out of it flows the issues of life. In period like this where people are hiding under recession as a means to avoid their responsibilities, we should not be tempted to cry like them. We are different and we are special, we operate an economy that the carnal mind can’t comprehend. Where are live, there is no lack, the word lack is an abomination.

Talk abundance, live abundance, expect more and more will chase you just as goodness and mercy is chasing you.

My name is Femi Adetayo your Mind Transformation Coach.
Who told you it’s too late?


2 thoughts on “Recession is a state of mind.

  1. Thank you coach Femi, you did it again. The truth is you cannot achieve or get more than what your mind can comprehend or grab. God said lift up your eyes “as far as you can see I will give to you and your descendants”, that’s generational blessings. So if the far you see is recession then you get it and even pass it on to your generation, but if your own far is abundance then you’ll have it and even pass it on. Thanks Bro, more Grace.


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