Financial goal


I had a chat with a young man few weeks ago and i asked what his financial goal for 2017 is and he replied “I will be as rich as Dangote”

It’s fine to have lofty and big goals but the truth remains that some goals are only fantasies.

I went further and asked him how he plans to achieve that and he said God will do it”

God has the capacity to make you richer than Dangote in 24hrs, He has all the resources at His disposal to make you the most brilliant chap in town.
But, can i blow your bubble? He won’t do it because God won’t do for you what you can do for yourself.
If he decides to make you the richest African in 24hrs, then, He lied, and God can never lie, He would have gone against his principles, of “for as along as the earth remains, seed time and harvest will never cease”
Lest i forget to tell you, God is not a magician, he loves process because growth and sustenance resides in there.

This might be too hard for some religious mind to swallow but the truth remains that since you have had the religious mind, how much have you generated?

God is not partial, he rewards us according to our work and impute towards the improvement of our generation.
He respects time and that’s why he created time and stepped out of it for man to operate in it.
He lives in the timeless zone known as Kairos and man lives in time controlled zone called Chronos.
In Chronos everything takes time, law of seed time and harvest operates here.
So you now see why dreaming big is valid, once you dream, it’s approved in the timeless zone but you need time to manifest the dream in the time controlled zone.

You can’t trick God to make you rich. “Ko le werk’

My name is Femi Adetayo your Mind Transformation Coach.
Who told you it’s too late?
Twitter: @adeamc
Instagram: Femiadetayo

2 thoughts on “Financial goal

  1. I agree with you 100, but just to digress a little..
    How about those God made great as a product of their offerings and sacrifices or obedience in one way or the other..
    I am aware the blessing didn’t come overnight but the process was ‘supernatural’…

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