My name is Femi Adetayo, i am a Mind Transformation Coach and an Entrepreneur.

I started my first business at the age of 9, selling cheap jewelries i get from “aboki”, along the street. One day i stumbled on a TV advert on the then popular children candy called Choco-milo, immediately i asked for a loan from my dad, he obliged me and i went to a nearby shop, bought a can of Choco-milo and took it to school and on my first day of business i sold everything and made a huge profit, i grew from one can of Choco-milo to two and then to three but one faithful day a classmate of mine who was jealous of my progress reported me to his elder brother who was the Sanitation Prefect in my school, he came with his “gang “ and stole my products.

To cut the long story short my business liquidated. And lest i forget i had opened an account with the Federal Savings Bank at the young age of 10 with the proceeds of the business.

After university, i worked in the Oil and Gas Sector, Offshore Construction in particular and have over 10 years of experience.

Today, i am Mind Transformation Coach, a Public Speaker, Cryptocurrency enthusiast\Investor and an Entrepreneur.

All that i am today did not happen overnight or after i left my paid job, i had been doing them alongside my job and when my job was done, it was easy to transit into my work, it’s a process and it’s the process i want to teach you alongside my friends, Jimi Tewe (CEO Inspiro Consulting) and Koso Molli (CEO Wonder Energy Services).

Someone said that the three most dangerous things on earth are “Cocaine, Carbohydrate and Salary

I want you to know that salary is good but a short term solution to a long term problem and ensure to keep this at the back of your mind “profit is better than wages”.

Attend this training and thank me for showing you the way to transit without pain or “casualty”

Time: 9am to 5pm

Date: 6th May 2017

Email: adefemiadetayo@gmail.com

Venue and Fee: Call 08158432994, 09064687133

My name is Femi Adetayo your Mind Transformation Coach

Who told you its too late?


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